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Author duben
Tags author:duben collab flowy race rated
Created 2007-09-08
Last Modified 2007-09-08
by 11 people.
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Description new race map of in_dub and me (b3njamin)
enjoy, comment rate etc. etc.

EDIT: a one-way

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glass rose


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Very nice.

I love it! 4.5 ninjas.
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very good...

i love this map. the only part i didnt like is when you jump from a wall to a trap door to the spring(messed it up in demo) otherwise. very good. 4/5aved
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i love it, havent quite maanged to finish it yet cos the laser keeps killing me but its really fun! 4.5aved


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faster demo

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everything is okay, basically i'm not impressed by races anymore

1st try

I got confused multiple times.
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