Pocket Rocket v.1.0

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Author dAaZnfr3aK
Tags author:daaznfr3ak dda hold-right nonplayable unrated
Created 2007-11-04
Last Modified 2007-11-04
Map Data

Description Level 1: Grand Canyon
Hold right (thanks)


Ok, this is the second stage of development for this DDA. I know I can work slowly now, because if I submit anytime soon all attention will be diverted to Clifty's awesome creation of craziness.

-I need to know if the close calls are good (i'm confident)
-Whether it lags ( I hope not, it'll mean I have to stop soon, and thats the opposite of what I hope to achieve.
- Whether it appeals to you.

Tileset maker! rest assured in the final product i will credit you, don't worry.


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no lag for me :)

Thanks T3chno.

Its hold right :p
You should say "Hold left"

It does had a few awesome close calls. I'm waiting for the final result. Didn't lag 1% to me at all.
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