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Author dAaZnfr3aK
Tags author:daaznfr3ak dda hold-right incomplete nonplayable unrated
Created 2007-11-03
Last Modified 2007-11-03
Map Data

Description Yeah, so it's incomplete. The main question is, how many launchpads would be acceptable so far? I have put 2, for that short amount of time. It's incomplete, I have a dream that its going to be a marathon DDA. Thats what I hope. Anyway! I need some constructive critcism, and whether its laggy or not. If not I will continue FOREVER!!!

BTW Hold Right!

Just comments are accepted, as the things not finished.
One more thing, check out some of the close calls, like when he touches the bounce block for the 3rd time and just walks over the rocket!

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launchpads are awesome.