race of the ninja

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Author bluespikes
Tags author:bluespikes fun ninja of race rated the
Created 2007-10-22
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description this is my 2nd race :) i hope you enjoy playing it as much as i enjoyed making it :)

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I loved it. Flow needs some work. Oh,@ espada777777,how can a race be too loopy? :/ Faved.


I like it alot could have been a little more fast-paced but all in all its a lot better than i could do :)


well youre a retard then arnt you.

You can do better

as Cossack says: "generic... but this is the early stages of getting to grips with races"
Too loopy too.

very good.

most race maps i will judge by flow.
this has great flow.


lets face it that took you no time at all to make

very generic

average 2.5 - its clear that this is early stages of getting to grips with races. altho its better than a lot of 1st or 2nd race maps so ill add another .5

3/5. not too bad.

the flow was pretty good, but it was too short and simple. also, the lag from the locked doors is terrible. you could have avoided it through code editing.