The drone wars

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Author bluespikes
Tags action author:bluespikes bluespikes drone race rated the wars
Created 2007-10-09
by 7 people.
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Description Another little map i made, it's a 1 ,5 and e only map, it's not that hard, you should give it a try :)

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very good

Its a lot harder than I thought it would be at first. Thwumps come out of nowhere, almost.



don't worry to much keliwan
i think youre great at action map , so maybe when i make some action map, we can work together on one ;)


flow was great, and the level was fun. It wasn't too easy, it was more of a challenge. 4.5/5aved

4 better

better and sorry about mutilating ur map i wasnt really thinking


i went too fast
Demo Data

Imperfect demo.

I started lagging on the way back as ITunes shuffled.
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