Garden of Eden (I Pity the Foo' Who Doesn't Use This Map!)

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Author seventh_fret
Tags author:seventh_fret collab fingersonthefrets rated seventwo tileset
Created 2007-10-07
Last Modified 2007-10-07
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description well we couldn't make a map out of it but the tiles seem pretty awesome so.. RCE UAC

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because the beginning was so sweet >:S
Now our secret's out.


hey Ad-.... steve how are you :D

my real name is joseph and seven_twos is tyrone


use it and
very playable.
i've made a map out of it. check it out:

and 5aved

Commented on your horror maps, Mechtradevil. I know, usually people have to compromise gameplay for horror value.
you couldn't make anything out of (5aved) this???
It's awesome! I totally will.

btw.. was my last two maps really that icky, guys?


fingersonthefrets -> Adam
seven_two -> Steve

Together, they worked hard to gather materials required to create this fugly tileset.

(Steve was the one who worked his magic on the left portion, while Adam tried to make it flow on the right portion)