Gravity, my arch-nemesis

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Author Ryano
Tags author:ryano bitesized experimental playable puzzle rated test
Created 2007-09-15
by 12 people.
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Description I hope this hasn't been done before, as I think of this as one of best ideas. Anyway, each launchpad can only be used once so if you use them without thinking you'll find yourself slamming into the floor at a fatal speed. You'll also have to think about your landing beforehand otherwise, again, you'll find yourself on the ground, slightly dead.
Have fun!

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Great one-use spring thingy. It's like a new dimension in puzzles. 4.5 (for that nasty bottom left switch).
i like this.
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Demo Data


I'll admit, that switch is the hardest- heres a demo of how to get it (going left side first)
Demo Data
Some switches could use some fine-tuning, but still, favorited.

this key sucks

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Two consecutive maps bite'ed?!


i made a map with the same one-way concept once before, but i never finished it. 4.5


Really. I like it a lot.