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Author Ryano
Tags action author:ryano playable rated simple
Created 2007-09-14
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description For the simple action map contest-

35 objects used, mainly to stop the map being cheatable.
4 enemies used, 2 chaingun drones and 2 mines.
27 tiles used.

This map, being as simple as it is, will really test you skills of dodging small metal objects moving at high velocity. Especially if you go for all gold.

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Good map, but a bit to frustrating. 3.5/5
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Demo Data

nice one...

you had a few good ideas but there wasn't much cover to dodge the bullets, since you've given me and idea for something I'll rate gnerously..


not as fast as I would've liked but alright... an this map is lots of fun...4/5
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