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Author apg
Tags author:apg bitesized dream featured playable rated sundayn
Created 2007-09-12
Last Modified 2007-09-26
by 56 people.
Map Data

Description I saw this map in a dream last night. Thought I'd work something playable out of it. You're looking at the final product right now.

Sit down, shut up, and enjoy this little collab with my subconsciousness.

This map was featured on 2009-01-05

apg has always been one of my favourite authors, and after playing this map, you may be able to see why. With oddities like 'Ubiquitous', apg has always created a different breed of maps. This map plays a bit like an underwater adventure or a space exploration mission, mixing puzzle with action, and some gameplay elements that are somewhere in between. When apg says this map was created from a dream, I truly believe him. — lord_day

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this is

my very favorite map

Very nice

Super fun and addictive.



i didnt like most of it.


Let's see...How about 'Messy tileset, messy play'- No, that's not right...Maybe 'Messy tileset, good play'-No, not that either...Eureka! It's 'Astounding everything!'
5/5 but I won't fave it because... well I can access it from the featured maps page. Although, 10 revews later, I may have to search for it.
For anyone who couldn't be bothered finding the rating in the middle of this useless lump of text, 5/5.


who said that


I was kidding too, you weirdo ;_;

5 faved and saved

best map i have seen in ages lol
i see why it is featured nice work


Fun level, I really liked the flow.
Demo Data

The mine clusters

are so original...

Great level.

This was a much better level than I thought it would be just by looking at it. It had a good flow once you figured out a pattern, and I liked the difficulty balance throughout. It's a shame apg hasn't made a map in over a year. This was a great level, but there are many mapmakers currently working that are striving for a feature with equally great maps. Down from the soapbox, this level deserves a solid 5.
Demo Data

Incredibly original

Ingenious. 5/5


Far better than I expected

Loved it.

Played a lot of good features lately.

I was kidding.

This is an awesome map totally deserving of the Feature. I was saying it's so good it's . . . ah, never mind.

And atob, ;_;.
you definitely need to take a break from it.

yes yes yes yes

Loved this when when first I played it and I love it today. Thanks for the nostalgia.

Ubiquitous Anomaly

Is an oxymoron.

lol max_ride,

i didn't dislike it *that* much. it just wasn't that appealing.

This is featured?

I didn't notice O_o

upon playing:

i wish i had dreams like that.

i have to say this,


you're really going to rate a map that you don't like the gameplay, but you like the aesthetics a 4/5!?


so unique,

and quite fun.


i like gloomp's features. he doesn't have bad feature choices. having said that, this map wasn't a bad choice to feature. i didn't like the gameplay; it wasn't very rewarding. liked the aesthetics though. 3.9/5
hey, i'll play the map regardless of what you tell me to do


Just because it's an obvious choice is doesn't mean it's not feature worthy?

Says gloomp

with his reputation for poorest feature choices D:<<<
something a little more unexpected? Featuring an apg is like . . . well, I can't come up with a parallel, but it's really lazily obvious. D:<<<


nice feature.
Demo Data


Nice map, the look is really original, or at least the object scheme.

Really unique.

Excellent feature.

The mines look UGLY

But the gameplay is pretty slick.

the fact that it had no enemies made it slightly boring, but if you added some, i feel that it might have been a tad too hard, so 4/5
but in a good way. not sure how you can dream this up, but when you do, you know you've been playing this game too much.

sweet sweet victory

was mushed at the last moment
Demo Data

The cool thing is

That totally looks like something out of a dream, too...


Awesome, awesome.