Orthodox Caveman

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-09-08
Last Modified 2007-09-08
by 51 people.
Map Data

Description Face down where the ancient soil meets the discarded flesh, the great stench of all that is rotten, and forgotten, the unburied clamber into what you were, feasting on the joy that is stolen forever, alchemy of disgust and hatred, the unceremonious, the smell of all final moments at once, embedded in the great beasts flesh, the carrier of the tormented, the final journey through the impossible, a silence so vast, that deafens with its roaring certainty, to the unnamed places, guarded by the ancient carrion and their minions of vomit and pestilence.

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I love finding

oldish maps like this and seeing how far I've come as a player. The first time I did this I took out mines and blocked up holes and maked bridges and everything else I could think of till I could beat it a part at a time, but today I got it on my first try.

Thanks for the great map and thanks for the nostalgia.

a little deceptive

i agree with Brttrx. 4.5


Don't like this one, bunny-cakes.

mE aWSOme

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please, hoozy?

Knowing that

I could never make anything like this makes me sad.
loved this map every bit of the way
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they play just as fun, if not funner.
which I liked better. They looked nicer and played funner. 5aved.


Personally, I didn't find it special, nor interesting. It was clunky and, really, just plain not fun. I 'spose it's a nice tileset, but I always thought you put functionality before aesthetics. I don't mean to sound mean, I just think that this is really below your potential, 'hooz.

Really nice level.

Four Point Five.


Heh. I was anticipating at least two short-cuts, but I hadn't even noticed that one. Neat.


I think that this is my favorite of your maps, 5aved


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Brilliant map.

I don't think anything's out of place. 5aved.

My attempt.

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Faster again.

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Faster still.

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A lot faster. >:D
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well.. AGD AGD AGD

seems ive got the only AGD :D woo im happy!!!! this is an awesome map 5aved!!!!
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oh yeah,

the adventure brought this up :D


Play your gloom axe, Stephen O'Malley,
Sub-bass clinging to the sides of the valley.

but the epic and adventure-ness of this map made me go to a 4.5

i don't find this as addictive as maps i would give 4.5, not as fun, etc,

but to be exact,

it felt bland.
This is insane, how quickly it has ascended. I'm so happy you liked it.

seven_two: I could care less about your could've-been ratings, I want justification! (:


you've rated a crapload of my recent maps like 3.5 or 4... yahoozy's way better than me.. and this map is better than most or any of mine! but yeah, ya entitled to ya opinion. But still. I love this map.

sub 4000 agd

btw, i bitesized

i was actually thinking of a 3.5/5 :/
you've inspired me
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oh snap



5/5, and Favorited.

I downloaded N on my new computer just now, simply so that I could play this.
this map shines like Flava Flav's bling.

Great use of space.

No useless playing around with fancy gimmicks, just getting straight to the point. Favorited.

Awesome 5/5

2nd on the newest page/ already with 13 votes!

Very Nice

Not sure what makes it so, but i think its just overall awesome. 4.5


the NUMA community emerges from the woodwork to actually get a map rated and put comments on it. Hmmmm...wonder why....last rated map was 16 maps ago? Anyways, played it, died alot, deemed it fun, 4.5. Good job.