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Author Echarin
Tags action author:echarin bitesized medium rated
Created 2007-08-22
by 12 people.
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Description Apologies for my lack of being here. Work's been hectic, but now that's about to be remedied as I return to school, which should give me plenty of time to... oh wait. Scratch that.

Anyway, see ya when I see ya.

ps. Enjoy

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Very Easy

5/5 Original


completion...try for the agd mc_george. I think i'm done with this lvl thou.
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Broke 800 frames

The ending could still have been better.
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Demo Data


y'alls route. except i didn't connect the last part like mc_george did.
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This map is amazing.
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All gold demo

This would have been so much quicker had I used Joe's ending.
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Very nice joe!
But I think I have a faster route. It just needs a bit of streamlining I think.
But it's past my bedtime (way past actually).
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slow agd

-1 piece
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