Walrus Leaps the Gelid Wall

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Author Echarin
Tags action author:echarin rated
Created 2007-06-30
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Dedication to walrus_of_death for his all-gold demo for my map Retread.

"The Wall defends itself!"

Are you wildling enough to... enjoy?

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Thanks, this is great! I liked the gauss, thought it added more excitement. The top got a bit boring, though. I loved the tiles, too. 4.5
Demo Data


First try, so it's a bit bad.. but it's a AGD..

The gauss is useless. 3.5
Demo Data

Here's an AGD.

I most likely won't beat frogs'.

Nice map.
Demo Data

Faster all gold.

Demo Data

Slow ass demo

Demo Data

Holy kwap,

it's Echarin!
Demo Data

Haha, nice.

I love how you have to race the drone up the hill. Well, I do anyways...:P But yeah, really rocking, fun map. 4.5