Digital Reel

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Author Gforce20
Tags 100000 author:gforce20 bitesized n-art numa tileset tribute unrated
Created 2007-08-19
Last Modified 2008-01-14
Map Data

Description Cheers! *fireworks shaped like N going off in background*

Ratings disabled and map changed, many MANY thanks to Arachnid for supporting me here. Please ignore the rest of the comments.

The text wasn't made with NAM, but rather with a text program of mine, which I /might/ release soon.

*Dedications removed due to biased opinions.*

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we're past 200k






what about me

for originality
if u dont believe
check out my (other) maps for proof



I am everyone's favorite 5 digit guy!
most jumper maps (? I don't know.. maybe ?)

Add me for

under-rated mapmaker
Just read seven_two's comment about drama. Hilarious.
Maybe he should get mentioned. Reading some of these
comments disgusted me. I nearly puked!

I didn't know the people of Numa were capable of producing
600 maps in a matter of 6 days!

Happy 100,000 (party like it's '99)

howzabout me

for the metanet dronies
or for bitesizing this

or for having the greatest hair ever

Hey, awesome.

It feels wonderful to be recognized.

Why complain?

This is very boring to look at. Even if I'm a new member, I know whose maps to look at. If NUMA says you're worthy of dedicating, then congrats. If not, well do not make such a mess and feel offended. They most probably looked at all the mapmakers/forum members that had made something good for NUMA and out of them, chose those who currently are on the list. It's not that great of a deal if your name wasn't on the list, you could create your own and praise yourself and others you think are worthy. But please, do not snipe others, do not complain into eternity, just let it be and accept it.

The map itself...well, I honestly do not like it that much, but thats just my opinion. I respect all other opinions too, as that's how it should be...with people having their own feelings about things. I've seen worse bitesizes too, so thats not something I will complain about.

Oh, and congrats for getting number 100000 :)

Haha @mistaken72

He wants a little attention and fame to himself :D
I can't see anything special about your maps, they're mostly very good, but nothing extremely special.


lemme be on the list.


It was just a joke, chasethebase. And i found that 'ignorant little sod' remark quite offensive. I consider myself to be a well informed sod of a fairly average size.

lucky u

for getting the 100000th map in
i wasnt realy payin attention lol


Guiseppi: Definitely.
Nifty: No.
Brttrx: But of course.


Thank you for putting Brttrx up there for me. That made my day. Keepin' it real fools. Aha.
meh, its all good.

good goin' G


You ignorant little sod. He credited the most important people in creation of the game, and websites. And you barge in and say "I should be credited". What the fuck have you done for the community eh?

It's like inviting yourself to a party. It's just not polite.


I suddenly feel as if I was watching a television drama show. Here are the credits and the comments are the actors saying words of thanks..
Gforce, I think I should be added to the list of dedications. I represent the average member of the N community... sort of.

Anyway, congrats.

And Dvip...

Are you kidding?
As of now, there are 69827 maps on record here. Not even close to 90000.
For having the most humorous maps. :)


Hmm? Oh, nothing. I just have a cold.


It isan't about the 100000th map, if it isn't the best map ever submitted to numa who cares? It's a tribute to the 99,000 or so other maps on numa.

(anywho, although the number says so this isn't 100,000th map cause of deletions)


hardest level was Mother Thumping Impossible, 88-4 in the game. It's bitesized because it's the first 6-digit map. And sorry Turtle, I'm sort of running low on characters ^^; but I could put you and Sendy together in one line for being the only girls on Numa (that we know of).
or any other excuse to get me up there?

Uh.. what is this about and why is it bitesized? o.o
Isn't it strange there's not a 100001th map?

what is...

the hardest map on numa that blue_tetris made?


Thanks for the ded. ^_^

Brttrx - For keepin' it real.


100000 maps happens on my birthday. woohoo.
I'm cute and spontaneous? And my maps suck? Just as much as espadas but i have a higher rating then him?

Love the map 5/5