About NUMA

Numa is an archive of player-created maps for version 1.4 of N, an addictive platformer somewhat reminiscent of Lode Runner.

Though Metanet Software has released version 2 of the game, version 1.4 is largely regarded as superior by the community; there's a download link here, or you can pick up the fan mod NReality, which features some excellent improvements.

Numa provides a place for N map authors to share their creations with the community and receive constructive feedback. For players, it provides a centralised repository of maps to play, thumbnails of maps so players can get a glimpse of a map before loading it, and the ability to post comments and replays for maps.

Currently, Numa provides no integrated method for posting a set of multiple maps. We recommend using the handy Packs tool to create and share map packs. If you submit these maps to Numa, organize them by adding a shared tag to each map.

Comments, complaints and suggestions are welcome. Please email the administrators with any and all of the above.


Having multiple accounts on NUMA is not allowed if they are both being used to place votes. Anyone breaking this rule will be dealt with harshly. Please contact us if you wish to have the name of your account changed.