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Author Ryzor
Tags action author:ryzor bitesized jumper mines playable rated
Created 2007-08-16
Last Modified 2007-08-16
by 17 people.
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Description DED to 321southpaw and reeferattack for some AGD's on my tougher maps.

Well, this one took me a while. Some of it is artsy, like the rebar-like structures and the tiles, but this is an interesting little jumper. Pay attention!

RCE, feedback much appreciated!


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I love it


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<3 the style.

Gameplay's okay too.


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i really like the thumbnail.
I just...hated it. 1.5/5.
I don't know what was wrong with it...just...looks bad, spamed normal doors, randomly scattered was all sloppy. I hated it.


ahh man closer. but I'm done for now. I still love it.
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I really like it. Everything about it feels original for some reason. I really really like it.
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it's not anything fixable, either, but it's not really a big deal. The only thing is that when doors are grouped like that, sometimes the ninja runs into the hinges of them. Not your fault, and it doesn't happen that often, either. hehe :)

Thanks man

which set of doors was it? Ill label them as such; from the ninja, counterclockwise to the center: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Which one gave you the most trouble? I had a bit on 4 but Im not entirely sure. Tell me where and I'll try and fix it.

very, very cool.

the name, the look, the gameplay all fits very well with each other. My only gripe is that, while very badass looking, the grids of doors sometimes arbitrarily block you, making you fall to your death on mines.

Overall, very cool level. The difficulty is very high in the beginning, but i like how the middle is a step down.