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Author amconline
Tags author:amconline girl n-art nonplayable nude rated
Created 2007-08-09
Last Modified 2007-08-09
by 20 people.
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Description Art is back.
Let's debate... ;)

click on the "nude" tag to see my other works. ^_^

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nice >:D heh heh heh. WTF is up with smorts comment?

thanks smort.

That's exactly my point of view.
What a world...
God, why can't people accept the beauty of naked women without thinking that the intentions are less than honorable?


left leg is screwed up, and she needs some pants, but i realize it's not a pencil so its harder

by erotic, i mean

something that you would find while typing in things in google images.

I found something almost exactly like this when I typed in got milk.

I was ten at the time.


Good stuff, especially with the lack of felixibility there is when using tiles. Her right thigh is a little out of proportion though, to be pedantic.

Good work mate.
this one seems a bit erotic

I'll keep my rating to myself on this one.

tru dat

dont have such high standards!
Focus on how anatomically correct it is!
...and I don't like extra-thin women.
It's unhealthy...




check out some of salvador dali's back art!
5aved ( I can't rate)