Neon Explosion

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Author Lord_Serunson
Tags action author:lord_serunson rated
Created 2007-08-08
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description I am a new member, so this is the first proper level i have made, and would like you guys to rate it please!
Add comments for future levels and improvements to this one.


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I got the switch.

I loved the tiles.
Hated all of those drones.
Or most of them.

Too many. :/
4/5 still.


I like the drone paths and the design. 4/5
I liked It I liked it very much.I 5aved it.

Likin' the tiles

I like the way you put them together. Less enemies would be nice. Still 4.5

Too hard and fidgety for my liking. Try putting less enemies and make it easier to move around.