An Attack

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2007-08-07
Last Modified 2007-08-07
by 92 people.
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Description It's a shark!

LittleViking helped me with the teleporter. Much love to him.

This map was featured on 2008-08-27

Watch out, shark attack! Here in Yahoozy's [] map, An Attack [], you experience the true thrill and danger of a well put together and orchestrated mine jumper map. Left to right you dodge mines to find yourself face to face with the beast, you then will use a teleport to descend into the belly of the shark. This map is truly a must play and one could even say, this map is real killer! — mrgy05

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I'm not catching on so fast.
The only good thing about the level is the tileset which is the best i've ever seen but otherwise is sorta trail away...
But because of the tilset...
amazing tileset, fun gameplay, and an awesome telepoter thingy twist.

4/5 and faved

Very fun

4aved. Tileset is amazing.


There is an article about it.

its in a word document.

Search up "Teleporters" or something like that.

look at the all gold demos. If you don't do that, then, when you exit the teleporter, you should aim yourself to hit the point of the tooth above the teleporter.


I saw this ages ago, and underestimated it
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Great tiles, but maybe make it harder for an agd.

Great map!

Faved. This map rocks! 5/5


Metanet Forums. Not Metanet. When you get there, take a look-see at the pinned threads, all of them.


Should have finished it before I 5aved... the end sends you into a mine the first time you play... Also there is far more gold than needed (especially in the mouth) which sucks for loading time

Y'know, as themed minejumpers go, this is probably the first ive seen.
And therefore, the best!


i went to metanet and couldnt find anything


i rated ti 0 instead of 5


as 012


The teleporter bashes me into a mine every time =[

always nice.

Has always been

One of my favorites.


Go onto the Metanet Forums.

You should find your answer there.


do you make a teleporter?!??

one word:



Some of yahoozy's best tileset work, imo.

about time

this was featured.


Demo Data

Very Cool

the sharky background is awesome! 5/5

All gold demo

Demo Data


yahoozy cant make a teleporter!
great level
It isn't immoderately difficult to move slightly to the left or attain the trap door. Still, thank you! And a big thank you to the rest of you.
Demo Data

I 5'd it ages ago

I was going to relate McP's comment to his sister or summat' but I thought I shouldn't.


excelent tiles

nice, 5/5
until you enter the mouth...yuck


so incredible. It's gorgeous too!


5/5. Favourited. Seriously, dude. Wow.

The tiles are nice

Thats about the only thing I like.
Very awkward. 3.5. I might give it a 4 though.

Great map, Zorn.

Err... Yahoozy.

Awesome map.

Killer tiles.


I mean, how could anyone NOT 5 it?