The Masked SMASHMOUTH MOVIE COP-avengers

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr playable rated relaxed
Created 2007-08-06
Last Modified 2007-08-06
by 13 people.
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Description Fun. :D

Partial name ded to smartalco and Slappy McGee, who helped in name idea.

I don't like the Thumbnail, full view is much better.

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Demo Data


Demo Data

i can comment too!

the switches between difficulty during this map were very sporadic, although they were hardly noticeable. I also dont like clumps of gold, but thats just me.


I <3 the Raters and commenters, Thanks smart, calamity and southpaw.

very fun.

I liked it a lot. 5aved.


this was really fun to play. the rocket section was frustrating but it felt good getting past it. going for all the gold was very fun too. 5/5!


the only part of the name i gave you that made it in is 'The'

you get a 2 for that


Because it is no Smashmouth Movie Cops.