More hidden traps

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Author cman4
Tags action author:cman4 playable rated traps
Created 2007-07-28
by 8 people.
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Description because crappy levels like these are my favorite kind to make.

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Don't touch the floor. No title Try getting all the exits Simple. Untitled It's like navigating a moving minefield.


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it is crappy

but I think its fun for some reason 3/5

I did it

4.5/5, pretty fun
Demo Data

'kay, that's two.


i liked it!

very muchly 4/5!


Someone actually gave one of my hidden-traps-levels a good rating!

Unfortunately, the rest of the world thinks they suck.

Great Job. Make more. I like your hidden traps series. 4/5aved. anguspauls - this is a very nice map.


what a piece of crap

1.5/5 bc u know it