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Author bluenin
Tags author:bluenin dda rated
Created 2007-07-24
Last Modified 2007-07-24
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description =====Press J before loading=====
=====Press 1 before playing=====

I don't think it's too bad, you guys might like it.


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The framcount is at the very front of the demo data, it's pretty obvious. Your DDAs probably mess up because you didn't press 1 before you playtested. It has something to do with enemy response.
I'd never have the patience to make this kind of DDA. Add some more enemies, and you'd have yourself a masterpiece.



all five votes so far! 5/5
and this map was somewhat dull
I think I will refraim from rating, seeing as I am handicapped with ddas


i made one like this but wen i save the map and then continue later it all messes up also how do u find out how many frames a dda has?

I really loved this

it was very long for a glitched DDA and there were a good number of enemies. I know how hard it is to make these so 5/5
This map is absolutely sex. 4.5

God dammit...

This is going to seriously bother me. You and I need to work together to find it, by looking at the /fullimg.png of every single map around the time I could have submitted Glitchtastic 6. Fact is, it was by FAR the greatest of the series, and a contribution to the DDA world I want to remake. If we can find it, I can remake it, easily, from its full image. I suggest we look 60000 and 70000. The two of us and any willing to join this cause can divide up this gargantuan sum of maps to search for it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, man.