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Author reeferattack
Tags action author:reeferattack playable puzzle unrated
Created 2007-07-22
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description The thwump idea was something that I had not seen before. I'm talking about where they disappear from the screen, only to reappear and become a very crucial part to succession. I developed the map around that.

There's a little trick involving the area right around the trap door switch. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out though.

Please let me know if it's cheatable; it shouldn't be, but it could be.


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FBF = frame by frame. Just turn caps lock off in Ned, and use mouse click and keyboard to play. That's how I get the perfect chimney jumps.


you know wayyyy too much about this game. but that's cool.

fbf meaning?

Heh, it was FBF

Aesthetics is the look, style, feel of the map. It has to look good and have a central theme. I recommend you start off with the tileset. A bad tileset will make your rating suffer. Also, object placement is also important. Place them in good places. I didn't like the 2 pieces of gold next to the thwumps because they were pretty difficult to get, and caused you to lose flow. The enemies at the end are pointless, and are just there for decoration. X-snapping mines is good enough, but I guess C-snapping them eliminates cheatability but makes your aesthetics suffer.

I think that's pretty much it.


nice demo. i can't jump the fast so i see some parts as impossible until i can make them possible.


for feedback.

what's aesthetics?

Pretty nice

Executed well. The mass of drones at the end wasn't necessary. Also work on aesthetics.

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