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Author formica
Tags author:formica dda rated
Created 2005-06-26
by 62 people.
Map Data

Description I finished it off.

It's quite a quick, short one (sorta) but I really don't like gold delay, and decided to make DDA without any.

It doesn't have too many close calls, but there are one or two good places- and since it doesn't use any cheating death effects, it can be put into your custom levels list.

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Very nice!

The theme of the terrain is cool, but what you did with it using mines was genius. So many close calls, yet very mellow movements.

Awesome DDA!


I am speechless. 5/5.

47'th voter

and still 4.5 :(

I don't get it.

This needs a friggen 5 :|


5/5 dont even have to explain why


givin it a 5 to boost u up cossa those ppl who voted down otherwise a 4.5 ------- good map formica


five outta five, formica, youre my hero


it was perfect. i cant beleive i havn't rated this map yet. i loved the close calls with the mines


truly genius. there were close calls with every enemy in this map. kinda funny how he dies from the trap door at the very end.


no gold delay = 3 automatically +the action i give it a 4.5

Very creative

very sexy! 5/5. and the close calls with the lasers were the closest ever!


I also rated it a 5, and was the 6th vote. So you've got a zero-rater on your hands almost certainly.

Too fricking late

See, one or two 4's would still keep this a 5 average. 3 4's and it becomes a high 4.5.

As it is, it's presumably been rated a 0 or somewhere in the vicinity by one person, or rated around the 2.5 or 3 mark by 3 people.

See, this was a solid 5. 5/5 solid when five people rated it. no. 1 map. Three votes later, and it's a 4. That's just dishonest- at least comment, like Jehret. I might not agree with Jehret, but he's forward with his criticism. And he didn't rate it LOW low, just not 5/5. And he commented with his lower- than- the- previous average rating.

So, to those of you who rated this below a 3, please comment and tell me why.


It's good, but there are too many jump pads and although there are a lot of close calls, none of them seem actually like they might kill N.

Don't worry Formica

If anyone rates down and I find out......*aaaaa*

Their maps are 0'd 0'd 0'd!


An average of 5, no. 1 map on NUMA, 5 ratings.... glad you guys liked it so much!


*sits and waits for someone to rate map down*

It's Great

what makes it better is there is no gold delay 5/5


Without a second thought. Strait to the favourites. Incredible. The best DDA I have ever seen espeacily because of the way it looks like a normal level. Amazing.


i love the close calls with the mines and the lazer, very cool. And a rather different looking DDA. good work!