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Author apple123
Tags author:apple123 bitesized closecalls playable rated test
Created 2007-07-20
Last Modified 2007-08-13
by 23 people.
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Description this is a test to see if you can run as fast as you can to beat all the drones and thwumps.
it is not really a race or a dda or a test its sort of all of em so i will send it in as uncatogorised

......... pips from the cheese off a goats leg.

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Nice job.

Cool close calls.

Three Point Five.
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1 faster

This is fun and well done, 4/5. A high 4/5, I might add.
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One frame under
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More of a race

finished it first time
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5/5, and faved.

I love it.
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and its bitesized so its mark will stay on the history of numa forever.

Nice work. I loved it.

Pretty cool

Nice close calls.



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yeah fun

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...fuck yeah...
...dis is cool...
5/5 for badassness
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