Scar Tissue

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Author Mechtradevil
Tags action author:mechtradevil playable rated
Created 2007-07-20
by 10 people.
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Description Fun Drone-based map, mostly. Try for fast AGDs. The first trapdoors in a line of three will destroy your all gold hopes and dreams, but the single trapdoor is healthy. It's good for you. At the end, you can wait for the seeker drone and win easily or lure it back and race for the exit. My demo shows me dying there, but it's not particularly difficult. I like this gameplay concept because in order to compete for fast AGD's you have to lure it into speed.

Play, and enjoy.

Rate, and comment please.

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faster AGD

by a lot...
Demo Data


...Fastest AGD...


...Nice map...
Demo Data
I like this kind of map, as I'm sure I've said before. Sensible concepts for a happier map. I particularly like the bounceblock steps. 4.5/5

i get it



too late
my bad
ill see the demo
I was just wondering how to place my timing. then i got killed
Demo Data


...check out the level u made that we are now racing on...


AGD w/ drone death

You can choose not to lure it into speed attack mode, but then your time will be slower... but meh, beat it any way you want, find your own route,


cause if you don't, you'll get molested by clowns in the shower... (Just like seven_two)
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