Lady Luck

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Author trogdor458
Tags abstract author:trogdor458 experimental floorguards rockets survival unrated
Created 2007-07-14
Last Modified 2007-07-14
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description To survive this for'll need more than just skill. Try to pass the starting point as many times you can.

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If you put an infinite amount of gold there, we could play for an infinite amount of laps. No luch involved. At all.


That's how it works alright!!
That's why you need luck...I doubt anyone could be so skillful as to avoid such collisions on purpose.


@the floorgaurd part:

name: lady LUCK

If you are moving such that during any frame you are not colliding with the floorguard, you make it.


way the homing turrets were placed so close to the surfaces makes it less fun
Erm, playtest more?
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