belly button fluff

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Author in_dub
Tags actiony author:in_dub fun playable race rated sexy
Created 2007-07-13
Last Modified 2007-07-13
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description - this is a 10 min map so dont expect much.
- this could also be played as an action map.
- i it fun i think.
- there are lots of routs
- it reminds me of maximum ride for some reason
but i still like it.


- please comment and rate.

- you might need to check the flow demo thats at the bottom of the page.

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Demo Data

Very Fun!



Flow wasnt hard. Fun level as a race! I love how you have a variety of race styles. This one is pretty fun.

Demo Data

i really like this

your getting even better. keep up the different styles.


Demo Data

messed up the end.


flow is pretty obvious.
Demo Data

first try

all gold. no demo needed, i thought the flow was more or less obvious when played as a race. i like it, 4/5

The original flow
Demo Data