The Chasers War III : Identity Crisis

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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac bitesized ctrdda dda rated
Created 2007-07-13
Last Modified 2007-07-13
by 176 people.
Map Data

Description The third installment in this highly acclaimed series
Coming in at 1201 frames it's much longer than its predecessor
This time, I managed to also include the rocket going through the wall more, and better close calls with the ninja inside the rocket. There has been a while between submissions because I waited for the almost gold rush of DDAs to calm down. Using the launchpad did irk me, but I think it paid off and worked well. Also no delay was used.
I hope you enjoy watching this.

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that is so f*cking awesome,i love it,amazing,cool,unreal
5/5 and saved



its a

Chase Teh Rocket Dont Do Anything

because the ninja is chasing the rocket


WHAT DOES ctrdda mean??

truly amazing.

faster played

awesome level 5
Demo Data

faster played

awesome level 5
Demo Data



here's a played

demo. 5.
Demo Data


You guyz are so dumb, you actually believe that a normal human is capable of making these DDAs. 5/5


i think your DDA is still awesome, chasing rockets--that goes above and beyond close calls

two comments

1. in the demo data, the number of frames is that first #, so in jeffery's demo, the number of frames is 733. In T3chno's, it is 1200.

2. romaniac, you have been ousted out of #1, but not out of the top 10


how do u figure out how many frames a dda has?


I still check in every now and again, but I've been gone for about 6 months now. This is by far the best DDA, and among the best maps since I've left. Next time I stop by, I'll be sure to check for a fourth, if you make one. well done

all these crappy posts? like one thing written five hundred friggin times. it pisses me off.
lol anyways, that's my speil.


I deleted the code and pased it in again, and...
It is sooo good.
It is like the rocket and the ninja are one, or that they are playing a fun game of tag.
If they are playing tag... It looks like they are having a good time. I WANNA PLAY TAG WITH THE ROCKED AND NINJA TOO!!!
But anyway, I rate it 1000000/5

It didnt work?

The bomb kept on killing the ninja. What went wrong? It happens every time?
But I wont rate it yet cause it might be a tecknical problem related 2 just my computer, or maybe the code wasnt right?


omg that was the best DDA i have ever played =D 5/5! if i could go any higher i would rate it 100000000000/5 lol.



do you actually know wat a dda is or wat?


I'm sorry, I really needed that...

Thanks Jeffery!


This is a DDA, which means that you don't press anything.


l00k @ my replay:
(still a 5 star level though!)
Demo Data

Your ROCK!

you are awesome in making DDA's
Keep it up!


Just kidding.


I'm a very wonderful person, but one of my few character flaws is that whenever I see a DDA better than one of mine, I become very jealous. I am chartreuse with envy. GRRR!!!!!
The whole thing is like one big close call, except better, especially due to the fact that it's all trapdoors except for the launchpad.
...for the coolest DDA ever viewed by me.

You can check out my first DDA and my fifth map. It's not nearly as cool as this but it's still great.

Speaking of 5s... (rates map)


I'm afraid of romaniac.

how the......

"that was totally wicked" from the "Incredibles"the movie


im getting tired of it being there


I bet that rocket is pissed


you seriously just blew mind i mean
that was shweet


I voted that 100th one. Apparently I forgot to rate it when it first came out.
Thank me! :)

100 votes

Hell yeah!!!


I've heard that joke one too many times.