Binary Thorn Bush

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Author Numzane99
Tags author:numzane99 hard mine-jumper playable rated
Created 2007-07-10
Last Modified 2007-07-10
by 6 people.
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Description I'm sure that it's possible, since Ive done all the bits individually.

First submission :)


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for the comments and ratings!

I think that the last two are the hardest, since they require a lot of precision. I'll try to get a demo if no one else does posts one after a while, but I'm not working very hard on it.

Oh and I added the tag mine-jumper, thanks.
i'm sure i would've gotten the next 2 switches. great map. especially for a first. 5/5
Demo Data
''mine jumper.''Nice,absulutely stunning for a first map.5/5 great job.I will be kepping an eye out for you'r maps.KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!