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Author X-325
Tags author:x-325 playable race rated
Created 2005-06-20
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Speedy fun map with a slight chance of being killed
have fun (=

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Im so good!!!

Go me, the loser
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Great fun

Awesome level. 4.5/5
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Very fun

This is really an excellent level. I agree with those who said the exit is a bit tough to get to, but I really like the map overall. 5/5
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On N for ages. Thank you!

I found the exit switch easy, myself...

5/5. I know that this shall get me flamed, but this as such great fun.


All-gold. I didn't find it hard to get to that exit, and it was a lot of fun flying around the level. Good work!
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I really liked it

getting to the exit is hard though 4/5


i also couldn't make it to the end. a very nice flow. i liked it. it would be a 4/5 if reaching the exit was better, however.
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fun fun fun... else matters?!...
i had a lot of fun while playing its speedy and it has got a nice layout...everything fits, but the exit switch is a bit hard to reach...imo...
but the rest is fun. 3.5/5
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