Hang Me Up to Dry

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Author epigone
Tags all-gold author:epigone bitesized flow launchpad mines race rated
Created 2007-07-02
Last Modified 2007-07-02
Map Data

Description Well, after an incredibly long hiatus, I've finally made a race again. All you new-fangled racemakers will probably scoff at this, just because its not the same old generic loopy type you are used to making.
There was a era when races wern't all the same thing over and over again with a different name; I'd like to see that era's triumph return.

Dedicated to etdeshon, because I told him if I ever made a race again I would ded it to him.

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most of the recent (not crappy) races haven't been loopy.

There are a lot of action/race hybrids these days.

Nice speech.

Nice map too :P


map. i definitely agree with you about those loopy races. i may be a new guy, but i try to use that old style when i make my races.


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Excellent map. 4.5.


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ow. sniped.

excuse me while I cry myself to sleep

Nice level

Really enjoyed it. Great fun. The flow is good, IMO.
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oo, i love it

it feels retro
and it slightly reminds me of ska
(fake death in the demo)
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This is very good.

Reminds me of something I would make except this is better.

Screw all of the new age races. Loopy races suck! Free flow is great.


The flow is quirky.
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