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Author rappidfire50
Tags action ass author:rappidfire50 eerew playable race unrated
Created 2007-06-22
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Description my first good map, if you jump wrong, than you will die


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that was total ownage for the first map, although it's a little too easy
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But I don't really like it.
and it could have done with more flow, but hey, it's your first!
but one more thing. I was able to skip most of the map on the left because i just didn't need to. If you want the player to go to a certain part, make sure that it has a vital part of the map there, such as a key.

Not too bad

Couple suggestions. When a map splits into two different routes as yours does, its best to make it so that the longer and harder route has the prize of gold at the end. In your map, both routes lead to the gold, so the player would usually chose the easier, quicker route. I did in my demo.
Also, you have categorized your map as being both a race and an action. Its best to avoid doing this.
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