Broken Infinite

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Author gmvgs
Tags author:gmvgs tileset unrated
Created 2007-06-07
Last Modified 2007-06-07
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Description No matter how hard he tried, our hero N couldn't find the exit. He was beginning to go nuts, as he believed he'd been here before. And here. AND HERE! Nothing left to do but to try and go back... but he'd been there before... too...

Hey people! I'm back! Today's a holiday here so I got some free time to do this. I really like it, as you can get VERY fast speeds on it, but I don't now how to use it properly. Check my demo to see how it works. Obviously, if you're gonna use it remove the objects

DED TO FA11EN. Come back soon!

CRUE!!! (Comment, Rate, Use, Enjoy)

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and this is easy...just jump or run right and fall....
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