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Author Trogdor007
Tags author:trogdor007 rated test
Created 2005-06-14
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description Homestar runner!
Is the cheat next? vote now!

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i haven't been to

homestarrunner for probabaly a 1 1/2 now. what "cheat" are you talking about? and i thought it was , oh well. 4/5
I must say it's great! 4/5 for you.
P.S. I vote for The Cheat (if you really are serious about voting).


he does now, but i didn't know how to make it, so this is the 1998 homestar


but doesnt homestar have a propellor on his hat? could just be my imagination, havent been on homestarrunner for ages


If you get an idea, spam me at metanet forum. Really, it's ok


LIKE UR MOM!! just kidding. and, the answer is no to the red eyes.


I would like to see the cheat.

Oh, and is there a way to make homestar's eyes not red? He looks so... evil... and zombie-like :).

haha totaly cool

do strongbad next