Like A Big Dumb Bird

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Author Bakkur
Tags action author:bakkur playable unrated
Created 2007-06-02
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Description Made using an excellent tileset by Magicorange25.

This level is fairly difficult, as it is long and has several awkward challenges. They're not that hard individually, but strung together it makes it pretty tricky.

Have fun!

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I just watched your demo...I was doing the thwump part wrong! Grrrrr.....
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and very fun. 5/5. I would give a completion demo, but the thwumps are eternally trapping me. Grrr....anyway, awesome!
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Thank you!

Here's a completion demo, if you're interested. Not an AGD though.

(for the bit you're stuck on, hold right all the way through the tunnel and you'll land on the platform and not the mine)
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I get killed at the same spot for some reason, it's not hard I'm just a noob. Regardless I give a 4/5, good job on the map!


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