I Know You. Your the Cat

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Author wulfgang
Tags action author:wulfgang bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-05-15
by 18 people.
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Description Fairly standard chaingun map. Fast paced though and easy enough that you don't get trapped under one piece of cover.
I find it very fun.
Oh, and the start can seem akward, the trick is to just run and jump off that slope and you will bounce off the corner

Ded to Matyr.

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AGD : )

very fun. only thing i didn't like was that drones up there, because no matter how fast you pass first part of the map you always have to wait for them. other than that... great map.
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nice tiles...
demo later.


Well, I played the map again and I felt the map is really flowy... o_O Fast-paced, but I thought the chainguns were of little threat like this.


great map.. much fun trying to all gold
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Cool map, too.
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Amazing.. and a very cool tileset..

All gold demo

Good work. I like the difficulty. It was very fun for a map with many chain guns. 4.5/5
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Excessive chainguns! Get me out of this! :D


just missed those two pieces
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