Up in the Kiwi Tree: a Cliffside Resort

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr playable race rated
Created 2007-04-15
by 11 people.
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Description I finished the map, Up in the Mango Tree, and it turned out like a cliffside resort.

Its a fun piece of art to play, i didn't finish it earlier because my comp is laggy...

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mike, make more maps like this, I cant believe everyone rated it badly even though there is alot of original material here

: )

Funky tiles

But you should have toned down the surounding tiles and focused more on the centre monolith.
The actual gameplay is very fun although the gold placement felt sloppy, the chaingun wasn't placed very well-i felt like slowing down because i thought it was going to shoot me. 4
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Just completed this and... its awesome!!
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Am I too fast...?

Cause there is some really fast parts on the map but then you can't complete it because you're TOO fast!
(you know what I mean? cause I'm not English so... You may not understand...)


i dont want to know what k1rby is smoking.


hate it

your levels are too complicated. this is shit.
I was going fast and had to jump the rocket =p
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What "they" said

It is unique...




...and quite unique. 5aved.
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it's a really nice race, and i like the terminals on the top right.

but i think the tiles are a little cluttered. they overwhelm a little, and you should make the focus more on the center "cliffside resort".