Descent into de Gaulle

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Author joem
Tags action author:joem playable rated
Created 2007-04-14
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Several puzzlish parts, especially the drones in the bottom right. Hopefully the difficult remains almost constant throughout. Comments encouraged.

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The gold placement isn't great. The lasers make it too hard. I really only liked the tileset. And metanet levels suck. nr


I'm sorry for being the first person in 85,000 maps to not use entirely new item/tileset layouts. But I am failing to see how that effects the quality of the map. A great many of the metanet levels use exactly similar object/tileset layouts, does this detract from the quality of those maps? I'll concede the gold placement, but I wouldn't have said this was obscenely difficult.


A problem with this map is that it doesn't seem to bring any new concepts in, rather it uses old item/tileset layouts instead. That being said, this map is also obscenely difficult. Each of the rooms doesnt need to have an enemy in it, and some of the gold is placed badly and isnt worth risking the likely death for. If this map had been shorter the difficulty would have balanced it out, but as it is the map is too long and too hard.