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Author Ashelbane
Tags author:ashelbane playable rated survival
Created 2005-05-31
by 9 people.
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Description I happen to like how this level looks, but I have to admit it is quite hard. A ninja in a Pagoda seems right, somehow, but look out for the chaingun droids...


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Pagodas are chinese

Ninjas are japanese.


a very nice level. i really enjoyed the layout and the mine rooms. the chainguns
were a real bother while getting up to the door, but a fun level indeed.

Good gameplay!

Won't keep you playing for hours, but certainly will keep you playing until you've finished it! I don't like the switches hidden behind the gold (in N it's less of a game of luck, more one of skill... if you can't see a switch that changes everything to luck... you understand?) Also, you can still complete the level when you have activated those doors because the 'catchment area' for the door is bigger than one tile...

Nice level nonetheless.

:BUT: I have to agree with MADE, it isn't particularly attractive. 4/5.

Have a completion demo.
Demo Data


I think this is a nice level:
-not very difficult

but the artwork is bad (not that I could do something better)