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Author jasonhayes
Tags author:jasonhayes rated test
Created 2005-05-31
by 7 people.
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Description To do this map, scoot yourself to the left to the point where the thwump sees you, but you dont fall off, then when it hits the top of the map, jump onto the side of the thwump and slide down. Let go of the thwump every once in a while so you dont die.

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Test Subject


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quite a realization

but not novel, i'm afraid:

and i'm reasonably certain i wasn't the first either.
it's dog eat dog i tell ya


I don't get it. Everyone knows this. Why is this worth 4/5? I'm not going to rate it.


i did it! :)
a nice idea. very good to use to get down from a high area with the borders
blocked by mines . i like it.
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