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Author testpilot1989
Tags action author:testpilot1989 playable rated
Created 2007-03-29
Last Modified 2007-03-29
by 14 people.
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Description I'm back, for a while at least. enjoy the map, it's rather difficult (for me at least)

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Cheat demo

The cheating way to beat, as I explained below...
Demo Data

... Well...

You dont actually need to go up the "planned" route. Its very simple to get out from the beggining part and into the open towards the right. You then climb up the wall and just and hit the switch and jump back on the wall, when slowly sliding down the wall, you jump off, just missing one of the floating blocks, (which i assume is ment to throw you off)and hit the flat wall on one of the bottom blocks (the one with the mine on it) and just when you hit it you jump, this will stop you from dying. I did actually play the map, and you shouldent rate other peoples maps low just because you thought they made a mistake in commenting on one of you'res. Im not trying to be rude or anything, i'm just telling the truth, I still love this map.

And can someone Please tell me how to make and post demos, they never work!


I'd love to see a demo of u cheating this, after over 2 hours of playing this map, i haven't found one. i'll ded u (ntro) if you, and only u, find one. . .thank!


its fun, you need mines on walls or sumthing because that is a really easy way to beat it, fun.


I did it

I don't care what you say, I completed it.
Demo Data


The layout is very nice. You even have a little jumping puzzle at the end. 5/5 and faved.


This is some nice stuff. 4.5/5