out of my head

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Author meister_bonsen
Tags action author:meister_bonsen playable unrated
Created 2007-03-14
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Description Hi...
This level was built by me & CaeZar!
It isn´t a hard action level but it´s not too easy...
~It took only ~20 minutes to make...
please rate and comment it...danke

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Way overdone, man. The thwumps seriously restrict mobility, and the oneways make this too directional. Make it more open-ended and take out the oneways. It's nice to be in control of where you go. Also, I'd suggest taking out at least some of the thwumps - the gauss turrets, mines, and jagged terrain are already challenging enough to navigate. And that thwump in the beginning really sucks. Like, it's horrible to start out a level like that, and to have to end a level with a thwump right on your tail. So take out that first thwump.

Otherwise, this isn't bad, man. I enjoy it, but it could use a bit of work.