Winning is for Losers

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Author mustafa15
Tags author:mustafa15 playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-03-10
Last Modified 2007-03-10
by 10 people.
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Description This level is different from other levels. The point of this isn't to go through a door, instead, you have to get as much gold as you can without going through a door. Each key leads to a door inside the nest of bounce-blocks right below it. If you go through the door, you lose. Instead, see how many of the 28 gold pieces you can get without opening any doors, then try to see how many pieces you can get after opening all of the doors first.

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Imma steal your idea about giving a rate/comment for a rate/comment. maybe then more people will look at my levels.

Missed one

Close though
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Still a nice idea. Very original. (3.5/5)
quite fun
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fun, but a little easy - 3.5/5
All gold, all switch demo.
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