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Author caeZar
Tags author:caezar playable race rated
Created 2007-02-23
Last Modified 2007-02-23
by 9 people.
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Description A new *very ticky* race from me. I hope you wont be disappointed. I spend ~5h on building this map and i think it is one of my best Racemaps. At the end arent so much drones, because the flow would be to important. Someone who isnt a good N-Player couldnt get to the exit.


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tach alda...
is ne geile map

Too fast, so I died

Demo Data
AGD please so I can see the rest of the level?

Ps: Sorry for the double post.
Demo Data
very excellent map. I just cant get past the very bottom

I really

didnt like the 2 drones right after the exit switch. I always go too fast and hitt he top drone before he goes all the way up. I got frustrated trying to time it "perfectly" to get through.

Other than that excellent idea! Ill keep trying a few more times.

Hey, wow,

This is pretty awesome.