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Author meister_bonsen
Tags author:meister_bonsen playable race rated
Created 2007-02-16
Last Modified 2007-02-16
by 15 people.
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Description Hi,
I spend much time in this level (buldtime: 2 hours). It´s a short map and at first there will be complications, because the jumps are very hard! I was very busy. because the tileset is very nice, too. I hope u will like it! Please rate and add comment!

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are too good to compete with.
This one's no exception.

Oh my....

This is cool.
It would be a 5, but the mines add a little lag on my comp :(

Pretty easy

I made it through in 2 tries. Only problem I see is its a little clunky, but with that tileset I doubt thats fixable.

Good flow, -=CrAzY=- tileset! 4/5
Demo Data
Wow... you must be very busy. The tileset looks crazy so far :) I rate 5 for the awesomeness of the tileset.