N Don't Take Your Love To Town

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Author prodigal_cowboy
Tags action author:prodigal_cowboy playable unrated
Created 2005-05-05
Last Modified 2005-05-05
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Description I really am quite enjoying this map so I am hoping you'll all be gentle and warm to it like I have. If you like 'jumpers' this should tickle you up the right way. Be patient with it ;-)

*Screenshot does not give this level justice* humbly

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Jump up the left hand wall, launch yourself across onto the little 'island' but land on the right hand side (sloping downwards) maintain your momentum and jump either instantly or after one or two steps and voila :-)

You should be able to catch the top side of the bouncy block and jump up, very possible like that ;-)

good map.

i cant beat that last jump. how do you do it? i think you need to delete a few mines. very good map though!


A v. nice comment :-)

A further not so complete demo
(very nearly finished...quite quickly)
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a TRULY special map...


A not so complete demo :-)
Demo Data