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Author mr_x_lma0
Tags author:mr_x_lma0 playable race unrated
Created 2007-01-27
Last Modified 2007-01-27
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Description A really, fun race. Enjoy. I was going to do some art in the background, but when I loaded it, it took a minute to load. So I deleted it. And I realise it's not very aesthetically pleasing, but after all, this is a race, not an N Art.

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and if you've ever seen one of my maps, you can immediately tell i don't care shit about aesthetics, only gameplay ;-)
Here's an AGD
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I don't care

I was just pointing it out.


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The timing is way too tight. NR
Clifty, who the flip cares if its cheatable?
if you jump perfectly, or as fast as you can, you will be hit by the floorguard, yet able to keep on running.


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wrote wrong there it was meant to be how do you expect N to hit the launchpad in the exact frame he hits the thwump and the floorguard?
it does not work and how do u expect som1 can hit the launchpad in the one frame N is invincible?


hope it works, 'cause you cheat death.
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