The Loss of Innocence

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Author kendogg102
Tags action author:kendogg102 playable rated
Created 2007-01-18
by 15 people.
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Description let me know what you think!

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They just make it too overly frustrating.


I was really glad with the drones, great paths and they're so unpredictable, it's just awesome. Very nice tileset and great object placement overall.


Great Demo JP

that was very nice with some close calls getting that gold. That is the epic like demo i was hoping someone would create. Thanx for making it top rated also (to everyone that voted so far).

wheww... AGD

really long agd but an agd nonetheless.
really amazing map. Tileset looks amazing and gameplay fits it perfectly. Not overly difficult but hard enough to keep you playing
Demo Data

5/5 - Excellent!

I really liked the tree maze at the right, getting that top switch is tricky :)

Everything was good.

Crappy, slow Non-AGD... this map deserves a better demo, but its all I got!
Demo Data

4/5. nice.

one of the better tilesets i've seen. good job.


Awesome map.
Great aesthetics, i love the mines in the top right.
The drones are perfect, their paths are very hard to judge and yet they don't kill the gameplay.
The gold placement is great and works really well with the TS.
Finally the gameplay is a little jitery in places, but overall, i love it.