Map Swap 2

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Author mr_x_lma0
Tags author:mr_x_lma0 playable puzzle unrated
Created 2007-01-11
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Map Data

Description I submitted a map swap level just about 20 minutes ago, and what I got back was not what I expected. Some pathetic bastard submitted a map swap map with the map data: \\\"11111\\\". Their name was \\\"lsld\\\", and their comment for their \\\"map\\\" was \\\"ddsf\\\".

Knowing that someone had cheated map swap, pretty much taken someone\\\'s map, was a dreadful thought. So, as with MapSwap, you make a level out of the map data you receive, so that is what I did.

All credit for the tileset to \\\"lsld\\\", whoever you are, and I do think that \\\"lsld\\\" should be banned for stealing other people\\\'s maps, and not giving an incomplete map back.

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should die.... or is that a little drastic?


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Not bad. Too easy though. 2.5/5
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