Electronic Infiltration

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Author theanonymoose
Tags action author:theanonymoose playable unrated
Created 2007-01-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The rockets might get kind of annoying after awhile. If you can think of any good suggestions let me know.

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Here's what I'd do.

I like the look of the tileset, but You're never going to build a non-repetitive map from it. Cut it down to just one or two of the 'arms,' and add in a similar "feeling" section to fill in the rest. or, those tiles might look cool going up and down. As a floor the texture is too repetitive and uneven to be practicle. keep the style though.


I think I'm gonna keep the tileset but change up the play a bit.

Tileset is AWESOME

but gameplay is boring. 3/5
but gameplay too repetitive.